Thursday, March 31, 2016

Deserted Thiruvanpathisaram temple in Nagerkoil.

Thiruvanparisaram also known as Thirupathisaram is located in Nagerkoil town and the main deity is Thiruvaazh marban meaning Godess Lakshmi lives in his heart.
Thiruvanparisaram nagerkoil

Having heard so much about this temple from Sri. Velukkudi Krishnan swamigal, I visited it with great expectation on last Monday.

The temple was deserted at 8 AM and after a short wait, an archakar came shouting at someone. His face lacked santham.

He silently took our offering of flowers, gave a pre-packed leaf with some flowers in it and openly asked, "Sambhavanai?". There was no deepa aarthi nor a rendering of any slokam or sthala puranam.

In temples beyond the south of Madurai, we are not allowed to enter artha mandapam (excuse me if it is called something else) to have closer and clear vision of Gods in sanctum sanctorum.

Well, they may have their rules but still, we cannot bring the image of Gods in our memory because of distant view.
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