Thursday, March 31, 2016

My experience at Susindram Anjaneyar temple.

On last Monday, I visited Susindram temple to have darshan of my favorite God Hanuman.

Though he did not disappoint me, the temple vendors nearly drove me out of the temple. As we entered the temple, one vendor who was selling vetrilai malai insisted that I should buy one for Rs.400. I reluctantly settled for a small malai for Rs.100

The temple was dark in most of the places. Somehow, we found our way to Hanuman sannidhi. We (me and my wife) were pulled by a vendor who was selling butter packets. He opined that vetrilai malai should be accompanied by butter.

Annoyed clearly, I raised my voice and he backed away silently.

Then, we asked a few people the way to go to Ramar sannidhi and found it located in a dark corner, doors closed and nobody around to take our offering of flowers. We bought a ball of jasmine flowers which are cheap in Nagerkoil.

Disappointed that we could not have a darshan of Lord Rama, we kept the flowers on the door and returned to our hotel with a heavy heart.

I noticed a lack of kindness in temples and shops of Kerala.
கனிவு குறைவுதான் 

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