Thursday, March 31, 2016

My visit to Thirupullani.

Sethukarai, athisethu, Thirupullani

My long term desire to visit Sethukarai was fulfilled last Sunday. Took a long car journey from Thirunelveli to reach Thirupullani (165 Kms).

I had already arranged to meet Mr.Balaji of Thirupullani who promised to help me out with some religious rites on the sea shore. In spite of a long queue waiting for him, he took us first and recited all the manthras explaining in detail what are they meant for. Thank you Mr.Balaji.

Somehow, we found a place to change our clothes after taking a holy dip at Athisethu, gave the sambhavani to Mr.Balaji and started our long journey to reach Nagerkoil (245 KMs).

If you are planning to visit Thirupullani, please note that you won't find a decent restaurant to eat vegetarian food. Be prepared to go hungry for several hours.

You can contact Mr.Balaji at 91 9786650889 for doing religious rites at Sethukarai. His Facebook profile is at
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