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Thiru Navai Mukundan

திருநாவாய் திவ்ய க்ஷேத்ரம்

----> மூலவர் : நாவை முகுந்தன்
திருக்கோலம் : நின்ற திருக்கோலம்

திருமுகமண்டலம் : கிழக்கு

தயார் : மலர்மங்கை நாச்சியார்

மங்களாசாசனம் : நம்மாழ்வார் - 11 Paasuram ; திருமங்கை அழ்வார் - 2

ப்ரத்யக்ஷம் : லக்ஷ்மி ,கஜேந்திரன்

தீர்த்தம் : SENGAMALA SARAS The pushkarani is named as "Sengamala Saras". Since the pushkarani is found full of செந்தாமரை (Lotus), it is named so.

விமானம் : வேத விமானம்
ஸ்தல புராணம் :
The specialty of this sthalam is the thaayar Periya Pirattiyar Lakshmi devi are in a separate sannadhi and it is one of the specialty among the Malayala Naatu Divyadesam.

பிராட்டி, லக்ஷ்மி தேவி and கஜேந்திரன் (the elephant) worshipped the perumal and dedicated him with the Lotus flowers from the Lake. But, Lakshmi devi was jealous and angry on the Gajendran since he also dedicate the flowers to his perumal, who thinks that the perumal is only for him. But, perumal who can know all about this, wanted to make clear to his wife, Lakshmi devi that she is wrong.

Lakshmi devi daily plucked, all the flowers from the pond before its being plucked by Gajendran, the elephant. Seeing the action of Lakshmi piratti, Gajendran felt sad and worried for it.

It cried for this and prayed to the perumal. Hearing the voice of Gajendran, the perumal ordered Lakshmi piratti not to dedicate the flowers that is plucked from the pond and instead she has to sit beside him and should accept the flowers that's being dedicated by Gajendran. Accepting the words of the perumal, Lakshmi piratti seated along with the Naavaay perumal and accepted the flowers of Gajendran.

Since, thaayar, Lakshmi piratti doesn't want Gajendran to dedicate the Lotus flowers (Malar), the thaayar is named as "Malar Mangai Naachiyaar".

This sthala perumal also gave prathyaksham for Nava yogi. The Nava yogis are
Saaloga nathar,
Madhanga Nathar,
Macchendira Nathar,
Kadayanthira Nathar,
Korakkanathar and

Because of this, this sthalam is also called as "Thirunavayogi". And as the time passed, the name Thirunavayogi is changed to "Thirunaavaay"

Festivals : Vaikuntha Ekadasi, Thiruvonam.
Temple Timings: 5.00 am to 11.00 am 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm
Address : Arulmigu NavaiMukundhan Thirukkoil,
Thirunavai - 676301,
Malappuram District.
Kerala State
Phone : 0494 – 2602157

Location : Palakkad to Pattambi – 100 kms.
Pattambi to Thirunavai ( via Kuttipuram )

This sthalam is situated 1 mile away from Edakkulam railway station in Kerala. We can also reach this place by traveling through bus from Shoraanoor to Kuttipuram. This sthalam is a small village and as such, there is no proper lodging facility available. This sthalam is on the shore of Bharathappuzhi river which is 1 mile away from Edakkulam along the south direction.

Nearest Railway Station: Kuttipuram, Palakkad, Nilambur
Nearest Airport: Calicut
Hotels : Plenty of good hotels in Palakkad and Calicut
Courtesy : Sri Seshadri Swamy
Dr.V.Satagopan Swamy

Bharathapuzha River:
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