Friday, October 2, 2015

Thonadaradipodi Azhwar birthday celebration invitation.

Ever since I read Thirumalai authored by Thonadaradipodi Azhawar, I wanted to visit his birth place at Thirumandangudi, near Kumbakonam and recite Thirumalai in front of him.

Two days before, while I was returning from Koodalur near Kumbakonam, I happened to see the sign board on the road that pointed to Thirumandangidi, two KMs away. I immediately proceeded towards that direction and found a deserted temple.

The archakar in charge came after seeing us. He introduced himself as the great (put several greats) grandson of Thonadaradipodi Azhawar. I immediately fell at his feet. His name is Sambathkumar, a retired school headmaster from Mayavaram. He spends his entire pension money to maintain the temple and his family.

Sri. Sambathkumar-descendant of Thondaradipodi Azhwar.

Knowing my wish to recite Thirumalai in front of Thonadaradipodi Azhawar sannidhi, he also sat along with us and we completed the recital in 6 minutes.

Then, he gave us hot thayir sadam and told us the miserable plight of the temple and how he is struggling to meet the monthly temple maintenance of Rs.30,000. He requested my help to raise money towards the cause.

He also took us to his house and gave some invitations of Thonadaradipodi Azhawar's birthday celebrations that you see below.

If you can spare any money, please contact him for his bank details to send your valuable donations, however small it may be.

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