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The connection between Kulasekara Azhwar and Mannargudi Rajagopalan

It is by sheer chance that I came to know about the connection between Mannargudi Rajagopalan and Kulasekara Azhwar. You can scroll down to see a link to the source of the details given below.

Summary of my conversation with AG Gopalan, Padma Rajagopalan  and Rasikalatha Bashyam. My sincere gratitude to all,

1. Mannarkoil is the avathara sthalam of Vaadhi Kesari Azhagiya Manavala Jeer who provided detailed vyakanam (urai) known as ‘Panniraayira Padi’. for Thiruvai Mozhi.

2. Kulasekarar Thiruvarasu Koil is in Mannarkovil near Ambasamudram Tirunelveli Dt. 
3. We can have dharshan of Kulasekara Alwar's favourite Perumal Rajagopalan and his Aaradhana Vigraham Sri Rama. Image below of Rajagopalan, anadal and Garudan.

Rajagoapalan at Mannarkoil, Tirunelveli.

 4. Temple is huge and resembles Madurai Koodal Azagar Sannidhi and is well taken care  by Sri U Ve Narasimhan Swamy of Peria Nambi Thirumaligai situated at temple entrance
  (View several beautiful images of the temple at

The main entrance of the temple:

5. Additionally it is believed that Alwar brought away Rajagopalan from Mannargudi forcibly as he was in love with Rajagopalan. 
6. Mannarkovil Perumal is Vedanarayanan with his own Uthsavar.
7.  Rajagopalan has no moolavar and stands tall like a king.

வேதபுரி மன்னார்கோவில்:

 ஸ்ரீ குலசேகர ஆழ்வார் திருவரசு { பரமபதித்த இடம் }
 அழகிய மணவாள ஜீயர் { AUTHOR OF PANNEERAAYIRAPADI } அவதார ஸ்தலம.

குலசேகர ஆழ்வார் அவரது அந்திம காலத்தை (his last 30 years)கழித்த திவ்யதேசம் . இங்கு அவரது திருவரசு அமைதுள்ளது .

இத்திவ்யதேசதில் தான் திருவாய்மொழிக்கு பான்னீராயிரப்படி வியாக்யானம் எழுதிய அழ்கியமனவாழ ஜீயர் அவதரித்தார்

இத் திருக்கோவிலின் தனிச்சிறப்பு அஷ்டாங்க விமானம். அஷ்டாங்க விமானம் மூன்று நிலைகள் உள்ளத.
More details of the Mannarkoil temple:
Moolavar    : Veda Narayana Perumal East Facing
Utsavar       : Rajagopalaswamy with Garuda
Gooddess     : Vedavalli Thaayar and Bhuvanavalli Thaayar

Azhvaar       : Kulasekara Azhvaar attained Moksham at this place

Temple Time : 7am-1030am and 5pm-7pm
Contact        : PS. Narasimha Gopalan Acharya@ 04634 252874 / 318408

How to reach Mannar Koil

** Mannar Koil is about 5kms West of Ambasamudram off the Tenkasi – Courtallam Highway. Ambasamudram is 35kms West of Tirunelveli. Buses every 15mts from Tirunelveli new bus stand to Ambasamudram/Papanasam. One can reach the temple in an hour from Tirunelveli.

** Passenger train daily from Tirunelveli to Ambai ( dep Tveli 915am- Nellai connection: Arrival at ambai : 10am and eve 425pm dep from Ambai, 530pm arrival at Tveli- Nellai connection)

** Car from Tirunelveli to Mannar Koil and back will cost about Rs.500-600. Auto from Ambasamudram bus stand to Mannar Koil will cost Rs.60/-. One can also reach the temple by local buses / mini bus service

** Manimutharu Dam is about 15kms from here. Pechiparai Dam is about 50kms from here towards South.  Courtallam falls is 50kms West from Mannar Koil.

I learnt the details of Mannarkoil Rajagopalan from AG Gopalan and Padma Rajagopalan. Strange coincidence or designed by my favorite perumal Mannargudi Rajagopalan?

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