Monday, July 30, 2012

Learn Nalayaira Divya Prabandam through Internet.

I would like to mention about Mrs.Sridevi, an ardent vaishnavaite who has taken up the uphill task of teaching interested people Nalayaira Divya Prabandam through Internet, free of cost.

Yathiraja Sahasra Jayanthi.
She has set herself a goal of teaching 1000 people by 2017 when the world celebrates Bagvad Ramanujar’s 1000th Birthday in 2017. 

Several passionate vaishnavaites have already joined her e-class. Yes, without leaving your house, you can learn Nalayaira Divya Prabandam through Internet.
 If you are interested to join the effort, please send an email to

In addition, there is a Facebook group in which members actively participate. You should visit the site to see how enthusiastically people contribute to the group.
Mrs.Sridevi has set up a mini site explaining her mission.

Please spread the objective to your friends, relatives, local community group you meet in temples etc.  Don’t forget your contacts abroad as they can also join the e-class. Already, several who live abroad have joined.

Apart from Divya Prabandam, one can also learn to recite Vishnu sahasranaamam.
I was fortunate to meet Mrs.Sridevi some time back in Chennai. A group of Chennai based Vaishnavism e-class members met in the house of Mr.Sundaraman, who took the pleasure of hosting us.

The group meeting was organized by Mrs.Kausalya Narayanan and Hemamailini Srinivasan. We all recited Vishnu Sahasranamam followed by stumptous lunch offered by the host.

I have given below the links to their Facebook profiles.

Here are various groups and social media links to know about Yathiraja Sahasra Jayanthi.
Google Group:

Google Plus:
Face book
eClass Registration:

I come to know of a few Sanskrit scholars in Facebook who are all head a few important temples. I request them to spread the word about this vaishnavism e-class. I am sure many would be willing to join.

Latest Updates:
Further to the above post, the administrator of the Vaishnavism eclass has posted the following updates in Facebook:

* New class schedule has been prepared. This offers flexibility and motivates continuity with limited devoted time. As stated earlier each of these session would start only when 15 members sign up. Objective of the revision of timing is to accommodate members from all continents to closest convenient time as possible, so that members benefit by attending the classes regularly. There are three single day per week sessions for Nityanusanthaanam, two DDeP sessions. Duration of all the sessions are one hour.

* There are different registration forms for each of these sessions. All existing members and new members need to fill in the e-registration. For e-registration form and current schedule visit

* If you require materials to spread the word to your friends / relatives, please email us at

* Vaishnavism EClass changed the name of the group "Vaishnavism eClass" to "Sri Vaishnavism eClass".

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