Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Velukkudi Swami's "Bharadhathil dharmam" in YouTube.

Watch Velukkudi Swami's "Bharadhathil dharmam" in YouTube.
Thus far, we have been watching Velukkudi Swami's "Bharadhathil dharmam" in YouTube through fans who had recorded the TV show and uploaded it YouTube. This is considered as pirated copy in the Internet.

Vijay TV has taken the initiative to create an exclusive channel in YouTube for the sake of millions of Velukkudi Krishnan swamigal's fans who have either missed the TV show or wanted to watch the program again.
Star Vijay TV has officially started a Youtube Channel and they are posting all their episodes as archives regularly.
Here is the URL : http://www.youtube.com/show/bharathathildharmam

Here is a sample episode. The quality is excellent and there is no buffering time.

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