Sunday, July 5, 2009

What is Bharnyasam?

Bhranyasam means leaving the responsibility of self protection at the feet of Sriman Narayanan.

Bharanyasam is also known as Prabhatti or Saranagathi.


Prapatti consists of three steps.

Surrender one's Aatma (self) -- Recognize that this Atma is not independent

but is subservient to the Lord. This is called Swarupa


Surrender the responsibility for our protection to the Lord -- this is called

bhara samarpanam.

Whatever benefit arises out of our existence, this also is surrendered to

bhagavan, and there is no part in it for us -- this is called phala samarpanam.

Prapatti involves getting the knowledge of these principle from an Acharya and

making this dedication of our Atma to the Lord -- this is the prapatti that

leads one to moksham. This process of surrendering is called Bharanyasam, a religious rite performed by the family's acharyar.

Swami Desikan has written 10 gems on the necessity of doing prabahhti, how one should do it and how a person should lead his life after prabhatti in Nyasa Dasakam. I will post the meanings of the 10 slogam one by one starting next week.

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  1. when a person does the three samarpanams at the feet of Sriman narayana, he need not worry about his existence or karma. i am really eager to read the meanings of the 19 slokas of Swami Desikan to be posted by u