Friday, September 26, 2014

Visited the house where Thirukoshtiyur Nambi lived.

Took a four day tour to visit temples in and around Trichy. Visited Srirangam, Thiruvellarai, Gunaseelam, Uthamar koil, ThiruAnbil, Appakudathan, Thirumeyyam (see image below) and Thirukoshtiyur.

The Thirumeyyam temple took me by surprise. It is breathtaking and the sculptures on the pillars are all realistic. The bhattar is an old man and I could not understand what he was saying about the temple deities.

Stayed at Hotel Vamana Royals in East Uthira Veedhi in Srirangam. It is hardly 50 meters away from the temple's main entrance (Rajagopuram). The room was big with air-conditioning and a tiny bathroom.

The hotel recommended a cab service. The driver's name is Arul Murugan. His phone number is: 91 96263 11139 His service was extraordinary. He provided a new Tata Indica with good a/c. He is knowledgeable about several divya desams and even could remember the presiding deities in the temples.

He recommended Gopala Iyangar's mess (Phone:0431-2432001, 94420 40606) for home vegetarian food. He even ordered food for us while we were driving from Thirukoshtiyur to Srirangam and took us there, picked up the packed food for us.

He kept following up with other services he arranged and confirmed that we got on to the bus back to Bangalore.

I would urge you to use his services when you are in Srirangam.

Had an exciting experience while climbing the temple tower at Thirukoshtiyur and even visited the house where Thirukoshtiyur Nambigal (one of the 5 acharyas of Swami Ramanujar) said to have lived.

Spotted a couple of peacocks while driving ThiruAnbil to Appakuadathan temple at Koiladi.

Thirumeyyam temple

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