Monday, June 18, 2012

Lord Ranganathar is forced to fast.

Here is another article in June 2012 Sri Ranganatha Paduka that disturbed me a lot. With great difficulty I imprisoned the tears inside my eyes.

Try to visualize 9 feet Sri Renganatha perumal in lying in a dark hut without food or water for several hundred years. It is too much to bear.

The only consolation is, he is accompanied by Thayar, Nrasimhamma perumal, Ramapiran, Nammazhvar and Emperumanar. It seems they are all fasting.

I hope the appeal reaches the natives of Thirubuvanam and Saliyamangalam where they are in the world.

On our part, we can do something collectively instead of thinking individually. First let us propagate this article to as many srivaishnavaites as possible.

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