Saturday, January 14, 2012

Collect contact information of divya desam.

There is a new group in facebook. It is all bout vaishnavism. So many things are happening there. You get a chance to meet vaishnavaites, join e-classes on 4000 Divaya Prabhandam and Bhagavat Gita.

One of the member named Mukundan Kidambi has initiated the process of collecting useful information of every divya desm. He has already collected on a few temples information that includes timings of darsanam, phone numbers of archakars etc.

His effort is commendable. We all should contribute to this mission.
Please read more:
"There is an effort to collect contact information of divya desam by Sri Mukundan Kidambi. Request you to add the information as you visit any divya desam.

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  1. I am ramanujadaasi Rukmani
    Very very useful info I will pass on some info soon