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Know our Alwars.

ஒவ்வொரு வைஷ்ணவனும் பன்னிரண்டு ஆழ்வார்களை பற்றி கண்டிப்பாக தெரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். இதோ சில சுவையான தகவல்கள்.

The first three Alwars are:
Poigai Alwars,

All the three together are called the first alwars, because the three were the first in the line of Alwars and they lived during the same period.

Poigai Alwar was born in the month of Aippasi in the Star Sravanam. He was born in Kanchipuram. Tradition has it that he was born in a tank and hence is called Poigai Alwar. (Poigai = Tank).

Bhutattalwar was born in the month of Aippasi in the star Avittam in Mahabalipuram.

Peyalwar in the same month, in the Star Sathayam in Mylapore, Madras.

They were born on three successive days!

The next Alwar was Tirumazhisai Alwar. He was born in Tirumazhisai near Madras, in the month of Thai in the star Makha.

Then came Nammalwar or Satakopa. He was born at Alwartirunagari in the month of Vaikasi and star Visakha. Nammalwar is considered the chief of the Alwars. He expounded the system of Visishtadvaita Philosophy in clear terms in his works. Hence he is given the greatest importance among all the Alwars.

Next came Kulasekhara Alwar. He was born in the month of Masi and star Punarvasu. His birth place is Vanjikkalam. It is not clearly known as to where exactly this place is. Some people say that it is Karur and some others say that it is in Kerala.

Next was Perialwar, who was born in Srivilliputtur in the month of Ani and star Swati. Andal was found among the Tulasi plants in Srivilliputtur in the month of Adi in the star Puram and was brought up by Perialwar.

Thondaradippodi Alwar was born in Tirumandangudi near Kumbakonam in the month of Margazhi and his star is Kettai.

Tiruppanalwar was born in Woriur, near Tiruchi, in the month of Karthikai and the star Rohini.

The last among the Alwars was Tirumangai Alwar, who was born in the month of Karthikai and star Karthikai in Kuraiyalur or Tirunagari near Sirkazhi.

A. Nammalwar was the author of four Prabandhas which form part of the sacred 4000 verses, called Divya Prabhandha. The Prabhandhas of Nammalwar are: Tiruvaomozhi, Tiruviruttam, Tiruvasiriam, Peria Tiruvandai

The four works are equated to the four Vedas. Tiruvaimozhi, in particular, is called the essence of the Sama Veda.

* Poigai Alwar is the author of Mudal Tiruvandadi.
* Bhutattalwar composed Second Tiruvandadi
* Peyalawar authored Third Tiruvandadi - each comprising 100 verses.
* Tirumazhisai Alwar authored Tiruchanda Viruttam and Nanmukhan Tiruvandadi. *Madhurakavi authored Kanninun Siruthambu.
* Kulasekhara Alwar authored Perumal Tirumozhi and also Mukunda Mala in Sanskrit. (His authorship of Mukundamala is disputed by some people.)
* Perialwar authored Perialwar Tirumozhi.
* Andal gave to the world Tiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi.
* Thondaradippodi Alwar - Tirumalai and Tiruppalli ezhucchi.
* Tiruppanalwar - Amalanadipiran.

The last in the list of Alwars is Tirumangai Alwar who wrote six Prabandhas and these are equated to the six angas of the four Vedas of Nammalwar.
The six Prabandhas of Tirumangai Alwar are:
* Peria Tirumozhi,
* Tirukkurunthandakam,
* Tirunedunthandakam,
* Tiruvezhukutrirukkai,
* Siriya Tirumadal,
* Peria Tirumadal

Source: Credited to various sources and upanyasam of Sri Velukkudi Krishnan swamigal

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