Tuesday, April 28, 2009

9 works of Shree Raamaanujar.

Om namo baghavathe Sri Ramnujaya Namaha.

I am sure I don't have to tell you about Sree Ramanujar, without whom, SriVaishnavism would not have been today. Whenever, I listen to Sri Velukkudi Krishnan speaking about Sree Ramanujar, I could sense the deep gratitude felt by him for Sree Ramanujar.

Instantly I used to feel his gratitude to Sree Ramanjuar and to Sri Velukkudi Krishan. I felt my eyes going misty.

These are the nine works of Sree Ramanujar.

Shree Bhasyam,

Vedartha Samgraham,

Vedanta Saaram,

Vedanta Deepam,

Saranagati Gadyam

ShreeRanga Gadyam,

Shree Vaikunta Gadyam

Geeta Bhasyam,

Nitya Grantham

Of the above, the green colored numbers denote that I have the upanyasam of them by my acharyar Sri Velukkudi Krishnan. I am looking for the remaining 4 numbers.

If you happen to have them, can you please inform me by sending me an email which is in my blogger profile?

In fact, I have only a short version of Sri Bashyam. I want to listen to it fully. Do you know if it is released by Sri Velujjudi Krishnan?

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  1. Really a divine site I like it very much