Friday, March 13, 2009

Resources for Srivaishnavaites.

The purpose of this blog is do to kainkaryam to my dear Gods Sriman Narayanan and Sridevi thayar.

I have been listening to a lot of discourse rendered by the inimitable Sri.Velukkudi Krishan for whom I will be indebted to the rest of my life.

His vyakayanams on every work in Sanskrit and Tamil that are written on the philosophies and practices of Vishitadhvaitham are something out of the world. With his crystal clear voice and accuruate pronounciations, he ties laks of devotees of Srivaishnavam to our sampradayam.

I am here to share every other resource on Vishitadhvaitham, Srivaishanva smapradayams that I come across.

I will:
post pictures of divya desams,
post audio and video clips of snakrit and tamil slokams,
write travel tips, places to stay while touring prilgrimage places
give links to hundreds of resources where one you can intereact with other vaishnavaites,
give links to books and CDs on various discourses
brief about nithya anustanams for every srivaishnavaites
post important mantrams revealed by God himself through Vedams and Upanishads
Works of our purvacharyars and alwars and many more.

I will lead you to some great people who are doing silent work on the propogagation of srivaishnava sampradayams and cultures.
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